Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than the Partner Health Center?

Our Partner Health Center has been operated by Marathon Health for the last three years. While we were able to provide excellent care to our Partners, we were looking for a medical group which shared our vision to truly change the underlying health of our members as well help us to improve the health system itself. Crossover Health combines a unique, membership-based approach to Primary Health while surrounding members with a Secondary Care service that proactively helps you navigate the health system. This combined offering both complements as well as extends the services we have begun offering through our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shields of Texas.


So while you can continue to expect the same convenience and quality, you will now get to experience a truly accountable, membership based, experience driven health care service.

How is this different than primary care available in the community?

Traditional community providers are often constrained by the system in which they are forced to practice. The reimbursement model dictates a prescribed approach to care that must often fit into 10 minute office visits and a higher number of prescriptions, lab tests, and referrals to specialists. Without the appropriate amount of time, or in many cases without the appropriate health team available, community providers are challenged to meet all of their patient needs.


Magenta Health is totally different. When the medical group works directly with the employer, the health services can be tailored to meet the needs of the members. That is why we can offer 30 to 60 minute appointments, after hours call 24 / 7 / 365, staff a comprehensive care team that integrates the best treatment options, provide health programming to help you reach goals, and use technology to keep you connected to your health and make the practice accessible, convenient, and as close as your mobile device.


However, all of these features and benefits don’t describe the most important aspects of the new model – which are all about you. Magenta Health is intended to be your health center, where your care team is ready and able to help, and you feel empowered to make the right health choices for you and your loved ones, not only when someone is unwell, but also when you want to live the healthiest life possible. It’s the ability to create a personalized experience, with your trusted care team that helps Magenta Health be part of something big – the cause of great health.

Why is this different than urgent care?

We are here to take care of urgent health issues, but we’re just as interested in partnering with you to achieve your best health.  We look at your health as a whole, not as a series of particular issues that should be treated as they arise. We listen to you, make connections, treat, and prevent. We are committed to improving your quality of life, even when you are well.


This type of trusted relationship takes time – with extended appointments, consistent care over months, and being there whenever you really need us. With time and over time we are able to develop a healing and motivating relationship with you to truly get to the root cause of health and assist you on your wellness journey.

What is the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)?

This term was introduced to describe a new type of care philosophy that has specific attributes – comprehensive, patient-centered, coordinated, accessible, high quality and safe – and a specific way that the care is provided. It typically includes a physician-led, team-based, technology-enabled approach that is focused on the needs, interests, and preferences of the patient. There is strong evidence that this model of care can lower costs, increase quality, and radically improve the experience of the members.


Magenta Health is designed with a strong PCMH foundation but with a highly personalized H-E-B touch as delivered by Crossover Health providers. While the practice is designed to be convenient and accessible for urgent situations, it is best utilized by patients who “join” the practice and take full advantage of the comprehensive services both within and outside of the clinic. The Care Coordination services and 24×7 physician access ensure that the members receive the support they need wherever they may find themselves in their health care journey.

How do I become a member?

If you’re an eligible Partner or dependent, you can become a member by simply creating an account, either online or at our health center. Once your account is verified, you will have access to all the services of the health center. We recommend that your membership begin with an annual physical exam to establish your health care baseline and create a personalized health strategy.

What does becoming a member mean?

Membership with Magenta Health means that you are able and want to create a relationship not only with a primary care physician but also with the entire care team. Ideally, this includes establishing your health baseline with an annual physical exam, developing a personalized health strategy with your extended care team, accessing services as needed, and seeking care coordination guidance while accessing secondary care services like specialist, diagnostic centers, and hospitals. Your membership signifies a commitment between your care team and you to be there for you as you need us. Some members choose to use a few services, and others are able to take advantage of wide variety of services – all coordinated and organized through our care team approach.


For others, Magenta Health can also serve as a convenient, accessible, and efficient care experience for urgent care matters. Our experience has been that once patients understand the different care Magenta Health can provide they most often choose to become members.

What are the member's responsibilities?

As a patient of Magenta Health, you will be surrounded by a care team that truly cares about your health. We seek to establish a relationship of trust that allows you to be in charge of your health while having a co-pilot to help you navigate the journey. Because of this two way relationship, we do have some expectations of our members:


  • Be Engaged – we empower our patients in the cause of good health while also inspiring them to make positive changes to achieve their health objectives.
  • Be Collaborative – we are here to help you and can be of greatest service when we have the opportunity to work with you. Sharing your health information to complete your health story is a key to proactively helping you achieve your health goals.
  • Be Accountable – we help you set goals and are here to support you along the way. Having an annual health strategy, and trusted partnership both cheering you on and keeping you on track, has been shown to be a successful way to develop healthy habits. We can also help you reset or re-prioritize as needed to begin again if needed.
  • Be Well – there is no more valuable asset than your health. Make sure you are making the right investments that will help ensure you can maximize your good health returns. Nothing feels as good as being and doing well!
Who are the providers at Magenta Health?

Magenta Health is operated by our partner Crossover Health which also employs all the staff. All the providers at Magenta are board certified, licensed, and have been through a rigorous vetting, interviewing, and hiring process. Providers are not only selected for their background, education, and experience but also for their patient-centered attitude and practice philosophy. Learn more about each of the providers by visiting our team page at

What is the Magenta Health portal?

Magenta Health services are always available to you online in real time. We use an innovative and proprietary web platform to give you everywhere access anytime you need us. The Magenta Health portal allows you to schedule with your provider, securely message the care team, review your laboratory results, and track your health trends over time. We also use this to complete your health assessment, check in for appointments, confirm and collect payment, and complete member experience surveys. All of this makes Magenta Health accessible, whether you are with us in person or online, anywhere, anytime!

How do I access the portal?

To create your own portal account, you just need to sign up from the site. The simple verification process authenticates the user against an H-E-B provided eligibility file. After receiving your confirmation email, you are able to access the many different features of our portal.

If you have any problems signing up, please call our office at (210) 504-1000 and one of our hosts will be happy to assist you.