Healthcare, personalized and stress-free

As part of your membership, our team will work on your behalf to schedule all referrals, labs, imaging and more to ensure you don’t leave with a long list of “to-dos.”  At Magenta Health, YOU are our priority.

To schedule an appointment, you have two options:

You may log in to your portal account at, or you can call 210-938-9355 and our host will be happy to help you.

Services We Provide

Our services are free of charge so you can focus on your health journey, not the cost.

Primary Care.

We provide comprehensive primary health services for the whole family. We work with your care team to develop your own annual health strategy.

Physical Therapy.

Functional movement is a key to enjoying your life. Let us help keep you active by working with your very own body mechanics.

Chiropractic Care.

Functional movement is a key to enjoying your life. Let us help keep you active by working with your very own body mechanics.

24/7 Access.

Our commitment to your health goes beyond business hours. Our physicians are available to our members after hours, weekends, and holidays.

Health Coaching.

Need a guide along your health journey? Our health coaches are available to help you set goals, follow a plan, and encourage you along the way. Discuss with your provider.

Secondary Care Navigation.

We guide our members as they experience care beyond the four walls of the clinic. Consider us your trusted advisor as you navigate a complex health system.

dietitianOn-site Registered Dietitian.

Feeling like your health could benefit from nutritional counseling? Let your care team know you are interested to meet with an H-E-B registered dietitian. Available for 1:1 consultations, family visits, store tours and more.


All labs ordered by a Magenta provider and drawn in-house are available free of charge to our members.


We prefer you always call ahead or schedule online, but we know that things happen. Therefore, we do accept walk-ins for our members to be seen by the next available provider.

At Magenta Health we offer the following lab tests at no cost for our members when ordered by your Magenta Health PCP.

Measure Kidney & Liver Function & Electrolytes CMP
Cholesterol Lipid panel
Diabetes, Kidneys, UT U/A
STD Testing HIV
Diabetes A1C
Pregnancy hCG
Colorectal Screening, GI diseases Hemoccult
Cold & Flu test Flu
TB Screening Tuberculin

If your provider orders additional labs, which must be sent to an outside lab, you can expect for these labs to be covered under the BCBSTX medical plan. Labs are covered at 80/20 co-insurance after your deductible is met. If you have additional questions on how lab services are covered at Magenta Health, please ask your provider or call your BCBS Partner Care Team at 866-432-7289.


We provide comprehensive care when you need it, in-person or online. We staff a team of experts from different backgrounds to serve your unique needs.


We use interactive technology to make annual exams, health coaching, and carefully selected specialist referrals easy to manage.


We are dedicated to providing a first-class experience. We want you to feel uplifted and motivated from the moment you walk into one of our locations to the moment you receive our thoughtful follow-through.

By your side through your entire health journey.

Our team will help direct you to specialists, diagnostic centers, hospitals, and other providers within the Magenta Alliance Network. This carefully-crafted referral network consists of like-minded providers that match our quality of service.