During these trying times, it’s as important as ever to take care of your health and wellbeing — and to care for your loved ones — while staying at home. With your wellness in mind, we’re excited to bring you Magenta’s Digital Care Package, which features guidance on wellness, fitness, mental health and nutrition from our team of doctors and health experts

Stay healthy at home
Health Coach Amy Spaar, RN, shares tips for better snacking and portion control to help keep the COVID-15 lbs away.
Health Coach Amy Spaar, RN, shares calming breathing tips to help keep you relaxed in tense moments.
Health Coach Amy Spaar, RN, shares easy ways to boost your immune system and feel better at home, from healthy cooking ideas to simple tips for fitting exercise into your daily routine.

Compsych GuidanceResources

Get guidance on how to remain healthy and deal with the emotional impacts of the outbreak.

Healthy eating hacks

Get tips from H-E-B registered dietitians.

Stay active at home
Paul Medaris, DPT shares an easy 2-minute stretch that will help ease tension and give your muscles some love — especially if you’ve been sitting for long periods of time.

Free health & wellness apps

Apps to help you stay healthy that don’t break the bank.
Cope with financial concerns

COVID-19 financial questions and answers

What should I do with my retirement plan? What should I tell my creditors?

Prepare and plan for COVID-19

What to buy and what to do

We’re encouraging preparedness, not stockpiling.

Discover all partner benefits

Childcare assistance, Texas Proud Pay, and more on PartnerNet.